15-Year-Old Gives Birth While Babysitting, Says It's Just A Doll And Then Dumps Her Baby In Trash

15-Year-Old Gives Birth While Babysitting, Says It's Just A Doll And Then Dumps Her Baby In Trash

The boy saw the fifteen-year-old curled up in bed in pain surrounded by bloodstains, although the teen told him that it was just a nosebleed.

A 15-year-old girl is the subject of an inquest after it emerged that she gave birth while babysitting, before dumping the baby in the trash, reports Mirror. When the boy she was babysitting asked about the "bundle," the teenager said it was a "doll." The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told police she assumed the newborn baby to be dead when she put him in a wheelie bin. It was the Blackpool Victoria Hospital staff who alerted the cops after they treated her later in the day for vaginal bleeding. The authorities found the baby's body at the back of her home in 2018, heard the court at Blackpool Town Hall. 




On the day of the incident, she was babysitting a young boy and the pair were alone around 10.30 am. The girl reportedly gave birth an hour later. The boy told police he had gone upstairs at 12.55 pm to find the teenager curled up on a bed with bloodstains all around her. She told the boy it wasn't anything serious and just a nosebleed. After he went back downstairs, she followed suit in 4 minutes and went into the kitchen. The boy heard a baby crying and went to the kitchen to see a bundle of clothes on the kitchen table. In the video footage of the boy being interviewed by the cops, he can be heard telling them he saw "two little feet and legs." His babysitter told him it was a doll but the boy later told the police that he could hear "whining like a baby." The boy knew she was lying to him and a google search confirmed his fears that 15-year-olds could get pregnant, which he suspected to be the case.




He heard his babysitter opening the back door and the back gate of her home. He found blood all over the walls and the floor which he began cleaning up. She reportedly wrapped the baby in a bundle of clothes before putting the baby in a bin bag. At 2.10 pm, the girl's mother had reached home and was shocked to see bloodstains on the floor and wall. She immediately went up to check on the teenager, who told her she was bleeding after falling over in the bathroom and breaking something. She told her mother she had suffered a dizzy spell, which caused her to fall. She tried to convince her mother to not call the ambulance but she wasn't having it. The ambulance took them to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where she was quizzed about being pregnant. She told them she was sexually active but denied knowing she was pregnant. The teenager's mother also suspected she was pregnant but the test came back negative, and it was then that the nurses at the hospital began to suspect she had a concealed birth. The hospital alerted the cops of the potential incident, following which the baby's body was found.




She told the police that she thought the baby was dead because it wasn't moving. She admitted to not checking the baby's pulse confirming the same. "He wasn't making any noise. He wasn't moving at all," she said. Coroner Andrew Cousins asked the now 18-year-old if she had covered the baby's face with the plastic bag before putting him in a wheelie bin, she denied this. DCI Gareth Willis, who led the investigation, said the teenager had made multiple google searches that suggested she was unsure what was happening. Some of the searches included, "why have I got really bad stomach pains", "why did blood with goo in it come from my vagina", and "how to cut an umbilical cord." The case was dropped following a CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) review but the inquest continues. 

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