This Is What The 'World's Most Beautiful' Flower Garden Looks Like When There Are No Visitors

This Is What The 'World's Most Beautiful' Flower Garden Looks Like When There Are No Visitors

Dutch photographer Albert Dros had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit The Netherlands' Keukenhof while it was closed to the general public for the first time in 71 years.

With all of us cooped up indoors due to stay-at-home orders, our once most-populated tourist spots look rather barren and empty. However, that may be a good thing for some overcrowded hot spots. For The Netherlands' Keukenhof, the world-famous flower garden, not having any visitors has only made the garden look even more breathtaking. How do we know this? Dutch photographer Albert Dros contacted the authorities over at Keukenhof to ask if he could fulfill his one lifelong desire: to photograph the garden while there were no visitors around. To his delight, they agreed. In a now-viral Facebook post, he shared the stunning views he was able to capture.



"As a real Dutch man, I am a big fan of our flowers. And as a landscape photographer, I enjoy our beautiful spring each year in which I always find time to photograph the flowers and show the beauty of the Dutch flowers to the whole world," he stated in his Facebook post. "Most of you probably know the world-famous Keukenhof, the most beautiful tulip garden in the world. Every year millions of tourists visit this garden. That’s a huge lot considering the garden is only open in spring! Every year, a hard-working crew makes sure the garden looks as good as ever, including this year!" Though Dros had visited Keukenhof every single year to take photographs, this year was a little bit different - no one else, bar him and the work crew, was present.



For the first time in over seven decades, the flower garden was closed to the general public owing to the ongoing global public health crisis. The dedicated crew of gardeners, however, was still taking care of the beautiful foliage. He wrote, "The flowers look incredible and get as much attention and care as always. All the passionate gardeners do their work as they’re used to. Because even without people, nature and the show of the garden goes on." As he had already acquired permission to do so, he visited Keukenhof and got to work, clicking some phenomenal photos of the blooming flowers. Finally, he was able to fulfill his one wish of photographing the flowers while no visitors were present.



Dros, in his post, explained what it was like to be alone with the flowers after visiting during the peak tourist season for several years. "When I visited the park it looked at its best," the nature photographer shared. "Interestingly enough, we have experienced the sunniest April EVER in the Netherlands, making all the flowers pop very fast. Photographing in broad daylight with the strong sun was a challenge. But forget about the photography for a moment: Walking around there all alone, with only the sounds of birds and the incredible smell of all these flowers, is an experience by itself. I sometimes just sat next to the flowers and the water, enjoying the nature for 30 minutes long. It was just a magical experience. Having no people in the park allowed me to photograph paths and angles in a certain way that you normally don’t get to see because of the crowds."



The photographer's images capture the bright and stunning natural beauty of the flowers in the garden effortlessly. Dros was armed with multiple types of cameras, so he was able to take all kinds of magnificent photos. He was even able to get numerous photos from a bird's eye view as he carried a drone with him. So, we may all be forced to stay indoors, but thanks to his brilliant photography, we can all enjoy a little bit of The Netherlands' Keukenhof - at least until we can make a visit down there ourselves!



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