These Creepy Tiny Hand And Feet Manicures Are A Thing And They're Freaking People Out

These Creepy Tiny Hand And Feet Manicures Are A Thing And They're Freaking People Out

A bizarre manicure trend is going viral. It features tiny feet and hands glued onto women's nails. No one appreciates it.

If you thought you'd seen all the bizarre internet trends there could possibly be to see, well, think again. A recent manicure trend has gone viral after it was created by Nail Sunny, a nail and beauty salon franchise with branches in both Moscow and Los Angeles, and uploaded to their hugely popular Instagram profile. The trend features hands and feet seemingly cut off of dolls and glued to nails, but they were actually created from scratch with the (ingenious?) use of fake nails. Either way, the trend is super creepy and has people rightly grossed and freaked out. However, Nail Sunny is known for their wacky, over the top nail creations so it's no surprise that they engineered something like this. We only have one question: Dear god, why.



Nail Sunny uploaded a video of someone showing off their manicure by doing a "catwalk" of sorts on a busy sidewalk. The fingers looked so life-like, it was incredibly eerie. But don't take our word for it. Here are some Instagram comments to prove just how weird everyone else thought the trend was too. Gladmanpat posted, getting creative with their thesaurus: Ugly disgusting horribly creepy. Sarasmodernlife made things even more simple, they commented: No. Angel9776 wrote: Oh gosh. It looks creepy. So nay!


If you thought this trend was weird, prepare yourself for some more bizarreness. In the past, Nail Sunny has done manicures of vulvas, semen, teeth with braces, wax-filled ears, avocados, yogurt, sneakers... Well, the list goes on. Sure, the quirky manicures and pedicures are fun as internet trends, but we sure hope no one is actually getting these done while heading out and about. But if Nail Sunny's services interest you, you can book your own appointment in Los Angeles by calling them up. They're usually booked out, so you may have to schedule an appointment well in advance.


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