You Can Now Go Glow-In-The-Dark Kayaking With Your Friends And Family

You Can Now Go Glow-In-The-Dark Kayaking With Your Friends And Family

These are available in Toronto for rent.

Now that things are gradually opening up with most people having been vaccinated, you can venture outside feely again. Plus the summer is here so some of us are just dying to go out and explore the outdoors again. Long treks, walks, listening to live music, and attending festivals might be great things to do. But if kayaking is your thing then we suggest you go for a glow-in-the-dark kayaking experience in the waters in and around Toronto. If you've not heard about this before, we don't blame you because it's an activity that's just been started in that city. Toronto Kayaks are offering transparent kayaks fitted with LED lights. Owners of Toronto Kayaks, Sarah, and Asha shared more details with Blogto.



"Each boat has its own speaker so you're able to connect your phone and play whatever music you want on the speaker," they said.  So paddle away as you listen to your favorite songs while enjoying the waters and the darkness. If you ask us it sounds like perfect outdoor activity. Something that's also very different. The founders added the activity was an attempt to merge a traditional outdoor activity with something more modern - lights and music. While the LED kayaks are available at Humber Bay, they can also be rented at various locations very soon across the city and other provinces such as the Scarborough Bluffs, Kew Beach and Tobermory.



But you better indulge in this before it's no longer available.  Toronto Kayaks have already launched the service on June 1 and will be offered till September. Only one thing. The prices might seem a bit over the top. Rates for a single kayak is $70 + taxes and a double-seater kayak will cost people $105 + taxes. One can make a reservation by DMing Toronto Kayaks on their Instagram page or sending them an email. They've put pictures and videos of the kayas on the platform and they sure look good. Yellow, blue and red LED lights add a different feel to kayaking at night. People were up and ready to give this activity a try.



Jasonparis commented: This would make a great first date. Now I just need a date! LOL. And we couldn't agree more. The setting would just be perfect for one. Another commenter named h3wlett wrote: This looks like a whole vibe 😍. Another named lifemaideasycanada wrote: Epic! Can't wait to check this out! Then where were those who were not happy one bit about the possibility of noise and the dangers of such an activity. An Insta account named snapshotsalongthejourney wrote:  Just what is needed... more noisy urbanites with their loudness and littering. See enough of it here on the waters.



He added: Stay in Toronto for the love of all that remains good and peaceful on the waters. Already had to have local emergency crews save some of those clear canoe thingies because they had no clue what they were doing. And let the hate replies begin...but seriously...stay in Toronto.✌

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