Artist Illustrates Popular Male Superheroes As Pinup Models And They're So Steamy

Artist Illustrates Popular Male Superheroes As Pinup Models And They're So Steamy

Portland-based artist David Talaski-Brown decided to subvert the stereotype and depict men as sexy pinup models, because why should women have all the fun?

When it comes to pinup art, there's rarely ever any men. Of course, it makes sense, because women have always been sexualized in our artwork. However, one artist decided that this did not have to be the norm. After all, don't those who are attracted to men deserve some love too? Portland-based artist David Talaski-Brown decided to treat those folks too. Taking paintbrush to canvas, he developed a series of men painted as pinup models. The series, featuring male superheroes, first began two years ago, Talaski-Brown told Bored Panda. The idea came after he had realized that pinup art never really featured men.

"I was going to table at my first convention and I felt like I had nothing to sell that people would want to buy," he said in the interview. "I had an idea of illustrating popular male superheroes in the pinup classic style akin to Elvgren and Vargas." For the illustrator, comics were always a part of his life. Even after he got married, they played a big role in his relationship with his husband. Talaski-Brown shared, "Comics and superhero movies were both activities my husband and I did together when we first started dating, so they've become a significant part of our relationship. Even when they aren't good, they're an event that we always look forward to." It was no surprise, therefore, that he decided to draw superheroes as pinup models.


To the artist, the "vintage pinup" style is a blend of erotica and humor. "It's sexy enough to make you blush and ridiculous enough to not take it seriously," he said. "Basically, erotica you can hang on your walls and still have mom over." Even more importantly, it was a way to help "nerds" who are attracted to men feel more included in the world of superheroes. Talaski-Brown stated, "There are a lot of us. There's always a plethora of art depicting scantily clad women at every other convention booth, so why not give some of the MCU's hottest hunks the same treatment? It only seems fair, right?" The MCU is the Marvel Comics Universe, which includes well-known superheroes such as Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America, and more.


He started illustrating the most popular superheroes first, like Thor and Dr. Strange, but then moved on to less popular characters when the requests came flooding in. Now, he's even moved on from the MCU. The artist said, "I most recently stepped out of the MCU and took on Momoa's Aquaman because how couldn't I? I mean, look at him. I'm not sure which one I'll do next. I have ideas for a few from both Marvel and DC. Maybe some from other media as well." Take a look at some of his best work below.





















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