You Can Now Turn Your Loved Ones' Ashes Into A Beautiful Tree And Make Them Live On Forever

You Can Now Turn Your Loved Ones' Ashes Into A Beautiful Tree And Make Them Live On Forever

This Canadian company's biodegradable urns will give life to your loved one even after they have passed on.

As morbid as it sounds, we all have to plan for our eventual death. Most opt for burial plots, but there is a tendency for them to run out of space. So, what if we told you could come back in the afterlife? Puzzled or spooked? Don't be. This company in Canada has come up with the perfect solution to tackle this "grave" problem. Bios Urn, a green funeral company, has come up with a unique and innovative way to help people mourn their loved ones. The Bio Urn is a biodegradable urn that turns your loved one's ashes into trees. This option is also available for your furry and feline members too.  



A few months after it is planted in the ground, the urn begins to blossom into a tree that can keep the planet safe while also serving as a memorial for the dead.  Explaining their model on the website, they write: "The tree grows from the ashes, the urn biodegrades leaving absolutely no trace, and death becomes a transformation and return to life through nature. On an individual level, it’s very therapeutic in a time of immense grief. On a global level, we are taking collective responsibility for much-needed planetary restoration. We are talking thousands, if not millions, of trees planted every year."



The idea for Bios Urn was conceived when the company co-founder Gerard Moline was a young child. He was planting flowers and vegetables in his garden with his grandmother when they found a dead bird. His grandmother decided to give the bird a proper burial and planted it in a grave while sprinkling a few seeds along with it and gave it a new life. After letting the thought fester in his mind for years, Moline and his company created the first prototype into the market in  2001. "While the design has changed over the past decade, the core focus of Bios Urn has remained the same: to add meaning to this process of life, and return to nature," the website reads. "It is composed of 100% recycled materials which are locally sourced. It is also produced ethically, and locally." Since entering the shelves, the planters and urns have been sold to around 50 countries across the world at $140.



Recently, the company also announced the launch of their first "Bios Park" green space for grieving individuals and families to plant the urns. The newly-opened "Boisé de Vie" Bios Park, otherwise known as  "Wood of Life" in English—is being opened as an aside to the Granby Catholic Cemetery in Granby, Quebec. The Bios Urns come in plenty of options too including lilac, oak, gingko, hydrangea, crabapple, amur maple, serviceberry, and sugar maple. Offering these options was not straight forward as the company had to consult with regulators first.  "We decided what choice of trees to offer families after checking with the city about the regulations on accepted native tree species and with the help of a gardener from our local garden center," Bios website said. "We have chosen hardy species which do not require much care and maintenance and which also grow well in our area."


People who've used the service are full of praises for this unique service. "My brother and I did keep a small amount of our mom's ashes. It was really nice to have that option. I feel great knowing my Aunt and Uncle are taking care of my mom's tree. Thank you for providing such a wonderful way to honor our loved ones. I hope my family will do this for me when it's my time", a customer named Rhonda from Texas wrote on Bios Urn. Bios now hopes that the burial space will set the tone for many more Bios Parks in the future.

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