Mom Comes Up With Genius Hack And Uses Cheerios To Make Edible Sand For Kids

Mom Comes Up With Genius Hack And Uses Cheerios To Make Edible Sand For Kids

Now an awkward episode of sand-eating can turn into the perfect at-home sensory activity.

This is the season where you'd usually associate your memories to warm sunny days at the beach, or at the very least, by the pool. However, COVID-19 came and blew all our plans away but there's nothing to compromise on when it comes to our health and wellbeing. That being said, having little ones at home can sure make this an intense experience, a little harder on all of you. If you are starting to feel frustrated because you don't have a large environment for your kid to play in, don't worry, these genius moms on TikTok ended up sharing a most genius hack. 

TikTok user @ellenannachristine recently shared a post where she said that she was making edible sand for her kids. Wait... what!? Edible sand, meaning she has been grinding up Cheerios in a blender. Well, this rather innovative sensory play sand idea isn't a new discovery at all. It has been shoveling about the internet for many years now but it didn't quite make the viral trends amongst parents. That is, until now.



The video that the user shared has gotten around 3 million views already and it has been making many rounds among several groups. This idea is great for parents whose children are still too young to understand that it's not okay for someone to eat sand. Once other moms got wind of this, they too started to share videos of how they make their Cheerios sand. They then give their kids things from the kitchen to play with, in the pretend-edible sand, The Sun reported. 



Babies love to explore and are always curious about things that catch their eye. This also involves them putting anything they can get their hands on right into their mouths. So think about it, edible sand is actually a great sensory play option for kids. As mentioned previously, it's a really simple process that makes us all wish our moms did this when we were younger too. As Elle Anna Christine, the mom from Illinois, shared, all one needs to do is take some plain Cheerios and turn them into a fine consistency using a blender. Easy-peasy! Since the Cheerios are already beige-colored, they will look and feel just like sand when crushed up. 



Well there you have it, folks, your baby now has some awesome edible sand to play with. While that is a fantastic idea on its own, the mom also shared that she ended up taking this "sand" and putting it into a large container. Then she added in some beach toys, and lo and behold, the baby now has a safe (and edible) sandpit to play in. What a great way to entertain little ones! As her video showed, the baby did try to eat some, and played with the other toys too! 

Of course, the first time you actually do take your kids to the beach after this neat little trick, you best be prepared! That's also what several users thought when they asked the mom the very same question. What will happen if her daughter tried to eat real sand at the beach? The outlet reported that the mum replied:  “I was scared of that too but I live in Illinois so no sand around sadly.”



The outlet also added that the mom received thousands of comments from users praising her brilliant trick. Hailing her a genius, one user said: “Well if this isn’t the most genius thing I’ve ever seen. . .  too bad my youngest is 6 now lol.” Someone else agreed, writing: “Wait, what? Holy hell this is genius.” A third wrote: “Yess! So if she accidentally eats the sand it’s ok bc it’s freaking Cheerios.” Another person commented: “No one said you were allowed to be this smart.” Meanwhile,  another mother added: “Like… where was this idea when my kids were babies?! I failed.”

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