This Sex-Positive 83-Year-Old Grandma Uses Tinder To Find Younger Men For Casual Flings

This Sex-Positive 83-Year-Old Grandma Uses Tinder To Find Younger Men For Casual Flings

Mother of two Hattie Retroage hopes to change the negative connotations around the word "cougar" and prove that aging can be exciting.

Meet grandmother Hattie Retroage, the sex-positive 83-year-old who's changing the negative connotations of the word "cougar." When her husband passed away, she began missing the intimacy that they shared together. Therefore, she paid to place an advertisement in her local newspaper seeking younger men to sleep with. It was a total success - she even had to hold auditions for potential suitors. Now, she's moved to a more modern platform: online dating app Tinder. Like many millennials, Hattie has embraced the ease and simplicity of casual dating, flings, and sex. She shared her story in a revealing interview with Metro.co.uk.


Based in New York, Hattie is a former dancer. She was very clear that she wasn't looking for the "grandfather type." She explained, "Younger men, they get off on getting a woman off – very different from when I was younger." Before her husband of 25 years passed, she shared a thriving sex life with him. The mother of two claims they had a "wonderful sex life." After his death, she sought out the same intimacy that she experienced with him. This time, however, she embraced the casualness of dating in the modern age.



As someone who is in complete tune with her body and sexuality, Hattie knows exactly what she likes. Therefore, she searches actively for men many years her junior. "I screw, I sleep with, I make love with many men and not one of them has said, 'I want you for my life,'" she revealed. Despite how sex-positive she is, this has given her the title of "cougar" - a term that Hattie believes shouldn't be so negatively portrayed. "Cougars, as I see them, are not beasts of prey," she affirmed. "They are an exquisite animal... I’m never on the prowl. I never approach a man, men always approach me."


She hopes that her lifestyle and outlook towards dating can have a small but meaningful impact on society's misconceptions of the label. Since she first joined the online dating app Tinder eight months ago, she disclosed that she had met at least close to 50 young men. The youngest man she connected with was 19 years old (though she claimed that she believed he was much older). Her bio on the app reads: Hattie, 83, fascinating older beauty. Seeking a steady younger friend/lover for a shared life of adventure and passion. No pro-Trump and no players.


Currently, she is dating Shaun, who at 33 years old, is 50 years her junior. Though she was initially looking to develop a meaningful connection with someone when her husband first passed, Hattie said she is now happy with where she is in her romantic and sex life. The former dancer stated, "I’m not agonizing. I’m grateful that at this age and this stage that I have as many lovers as I want. My life goal is to change the awful, decrepit view of aging – view, and experience, and turn it into something exciting. A life-loving adventure. The depth of life, you can’t avoid it. But the shallowness of good sex, that’s what is good enough for me." Well, here's to all the places you'll go, the people you'll meet, and the great sex you'll have, Hattie!



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