Toronto Van-Attack Incel Admits To Crime, Claims It Was Time He "Stood Up To Chads & Stacys"

Toronto Van-Attack Incel Admits To Crime, Claims It Was Time He "Stood Up To Chads & Stacys"

Incel Alek Minassian wanted to start an "uprising" following his attack on innocent civilians on a busy Toronto sidewalk.

An incel is someone who is "involuntarily celibate." In a recent interview with Toronto police after being charged with crashing a van into and killing ten people, as they walked along a crowded Toronto sidewalk, incel Alek Minassian claimed he was on "a mission" to cause mass casualties as part of the incel rebellion. The National Post reports that Minassian was deeply radicalized by the movement and shared details about further attacks he planned to execute. He has since been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 16 counts of attempted murder.


He planned the attack to take place five days after he had completed his last day of classes at college. He argued that the attack would be "more symbolic" had he finished his college degree first. He planned the attack a few weeks before he executed it, though he had been "thinking and daydreaming" of it for far longer. Minassian said, "I was thinking that it was time that I stood up to the Chads and Stacys... I was thinking that I would inspire future masses to join me in my uprising. How the foundations of the world would be [shaken] by this event." 


Explaining the "incel rebellion," Minassian stated, "It’s basically a movement of angry incels such as myself who are unable to get laid, therefore we want to overthrow the Chads, which would force the Stacys to be forced to reproduce with the incels." Chads are men who are able to attract women and command a certain sexual prowess despite being seen as dumb, whereas Stacys are attractive women who shun betas, that is, incels. Clearly, Minassian had been indoctrinated into a dangerous ideology that demonized the men and women around him.


As per the interview, he mainly connected with other incels through message boards and forums on websites like 4chan and Reddit. The themes of the discussions that take place in these forums are generally austere, shockingly violent, and based on severe unaddressed issues with misogyny. Some themes include "vivid threats of rape, death, and subjugation of women; urging violence against men who are sexually active, and bleak, often suicidal self-denigration, according to The National Post. Prior to the attack, he posted a message on 4chan, using coded language to avoid detection. "I stated there will be a beta uprising tomorrow, I encourage others to follow suit," he revealed. Throughout the interview, he did not seem to express guilt or remorse, Toronto police shared. Minassian's trial is scheduled for next February.


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