Two Iowa Teens Used A Baseball Bat To Bludgeon Their 66YO Spanish Teacher To Death

Two Iowa Teens Used A Baseball Bat To Bludgeon Their 66YO Spanish Teacher To Death

Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller, both 16, have been charged with murder.

Jeremy Goodale and Willard Miller, both 16, have been charged with the murder of 66-year-old Fairfield High School Spanish teacher, Nohema Graber. The two Iowa boys used a baseball bat to kill their Spanish teacher who was a mother of three, according to The Daily Mail. Court documents claim that the boys stalked and ambushed her first. On the day of her death, the teacher had left school and gone to a local park. Around 42 minutes later, her car was driven out of the park, followed by a truck.



Graber's battered body was found on Nov. 2, dumped in a park just hours after she was reported missing. Graber, who died of head injuries, was discovered dead under a wheelbarrow, tarp, and railroad ties. Reports say that one of the boys was pushing a wheelbarrow into the park where her body was discovered. A search warrant also claimed that a friend turned over Goodale’s Snapchat messages that showed the two “were involved in the planning, execution, and disposal of evidence." Messages described how he and Miller surveilled Graber and that a baseball bat was used to kill the 66-year-old woman. Both teens attended Graber's Spanish class at Fairfield High School, where she had taught since 2012. A motive has still not been disclosed. 



Newsweek reports that Christine Branstad, Miller's attorney, filed the documents asking the case be moved to juvenile court and that his client be tried as a juvenile. "Miller has no prior juvenile court or district court involvement," Branstad said. If he is convicted as a juvenile, his sentence could be shorter than two years. Jefferson County Attorney Chauncey Moulding responded, "Because of the nature of the allegations, the undersigned argues there could be no reasonable prospects for rehabilitating the child in the juvenile court system before the defendant turns 18 and 'ages out' of that system. Such an outcome would be outside the interests of the juvenile and the community at large." He said, "The state believes there is no reasonable prospect of rehabilitating a premeditated murderer in less than 24 months." He added that those who are 16 and older and charged with a "serious felony" are allowed by the state to be tried as adults.



Graber's daughter took to Facebook to express her grief over losing her beloved mother, writing: We’ve lost an absolute angel in our family. It is all thanks to her for instilling a love of travel and languages that my brothers and I have continued to experience the world throughout our lives. We had the wonderful fortune of growing up in a home filled with such an abundance of warmth and love. I will miss her loud laugh and dancing with her to any music that was playing, she had so much joy in her eyes and such a deep sense of faith. To the two teenagers that so cruelly took her life, it is clear that they need more love and light in their hearts. But I agree with my oldest brother Christian, all we can do is forgive. I am filled with so much gratitude to have had such a strong and beautiful woman as my mother. And from the outpouring of messages, it’s incredibly touching to know that her presence impacted so many. What a blessing she is, we know that her soul lives on in heaven.


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