Ukrainian Parents Are Writing Contact Details On Their Children's Bodies In Case They're Orphaned

Ukrainian Parents Are Writing Contact Details On Their Children's Bodies In Case They're Orphaned

One mom shared a photo of her young daughter wearing only a diaper with her contact information written across the child's back.

Here's yet another heartbreaking image from war... Ukrainian parents are reportedly writing emergency contact details on their children’s backs and clothes so that they can be rescued if their parents die during the war. Anastasiia Lapatina, a journalist with The Kyiv Independent, shared one such story on Monday, from Ukrainian mom Sasha Makoviy. As bombs fell on Kyiv, the 33-year-old mother was worried that she and her husband could be killed by Russian soldiers. What was most important to her was getting her two-year-old daughter to safety. As the family packed up their belongings and fled the city, the mother wrote her extended family's contact information in permanent marker on her daughter's back, in case something happened to the parents. 



"I tried to imagine if something happened with me and her dad, there would be no information for her," Sasha told TODAY Parents. "Who would care for her if she survived? And I really want her to know who she is. So maybe someone could connect her with some relatives." She also made a makeshift contact card with her daughter's grandparents' information. "We did not know if it would be safe for us," she added. "The sounds of bombing woke us up at 5 am in the morning. I heard the sounds of our air defense—the sirens. I couldn't believe they were bombing us."



The mother also shared the image on social media, pointing out, "I am an artist, I wanted to show my feelings." She said, "And I think the world should see it. I have many messages now from parents in other countries who are shocked. They can't imagine that Russians could do something like this." According to the post caption, the photo had been taken on the first day of the war back in February, according to PEOPLE. "I signed it with my hands trembling very much," she wrote on Instagram adding that she was "shaking for the first hours," according to a translation. 



In an update, she let people know that she and her daughter, Vera, were now safe and out of the country: "I want to inform you that Vera and I are absolutely safe. We went abroad and are in the south of France. We were met by volunteers, provided with housing, and fully cared for." "I want to thank the volunteers of France. And also to all the people who helped us evacuate and supported us," she wrote. "And I am especially grateful to Poland. What this country has done for Ukrainians is invaluable. Without their help, we would not have survived." Another Ukrainian parent also took to Twitter to share a similar thing that he had done. The father shared pictures of his daughter's t-shirt that had numbers written on it pointing out: “My 5 years old daughter wearing this t-shirt while Europe thinking about Russian oil, gas and money.”


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