10 Things Every 80s Girl Will Immediately Recognize

10 Things Every 80s Girl Will Immediately Recognize

From stick-on earrings to caboodles, how many of these vintage items do you remember?

How we all miss the decade where skateboarding, breakdancing, fanny packs, bold colors, and big hair were all the rage! Wasn't the '80s just SO rad? Kids nowadays won't get why a lot of stuff from that era still stirs up warm feelings to this day. Remember back then there was no internet, so these things hold a bigger place in our hearts than stuff from today ever could. If you were a kid growing up in the 80s it's hard to forget the numerous things of the decade that aren't as popular now. From toys to books to dressing up, they still sure do bring back heartwarming nostalgic memories. So we put together a list of stuff most '80s kids will remember. How many do you recognize?

1.Charm Bracelets

Let's start with the accessories! We loved having charm bracelets dangling off our wrists. And if our BFF had matching ones, all the better! How cute were these?

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2. Colorful Barrettes

Big hair was a big deal during this era. We liked it loud so could colorful barrettes be behind? The brighter the better, right?

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3. Stick-On Earrings

For those who didn't want to deal with the pain that came with piercings, we flaunted our "earrings" with an easier alternative: Stickers! Stick-on earrings were easy to put on and pull off, without having to commit. And you'd get to try so many different types and colors in a pack. Perfect for those of us who liked to experiment.



4. Caboodles

Today's make-up addicted generation might not understand why the humble Caboodles cases made us so happy back in the day! We loved it as preteens to store up bottles of nail polish or lip smackers. We loved the many compartments and the mirror inside. The beauty organizers came in a bunch of colors, perfect to match with the time in the 80s. 



5. My Little Pony

How cute and magical were these cuties! Long before unicorns roamed our imaginations, My Little Pony came out with the most adorable pony dolls with beautiful colorful manes. My Little Pony line of toys and animated works are still appreciated not just by kids but by adults today too!



6. Popples

This toy that could fold up into a little ball seemed so exciting at the time. Although now we have expanded versions of the stuffed bear that include Babies (that had rattles in their tails), tiny Pufflings (who squeak), and Sports Popples (which turned into balls based on the sport they repped), the original Popples remain the most legendary and most '80s-like of the fuzzy toys.



7. Cabbage Patch Kids

This line of soft sculptured dolls was wildly popular in the ’80s because of the unique appeal at the time that no two dolls were said to be alike. Each came with their own birth certificate and adoption papers. According to their website, "The toy Cabbage Patch Kids generally range in size from 9" to 16" tall. They are either soft-sculpted fabric bodies with vinyl heads or all vinyl. Most are in display packaging. Adoption fees range from under $10 to $60. Many customers refer to these particular Cabbage Patch Kids as similar to the ones they had as a child." Talk about bringing back memories!



8. Sweet Valley High

We loved reading about the Wakefield twins! Jessica and Elizabeth may have looked alike but they couldn't be more different when it came to their personalities! And we would always question: were we a Jessica or an Elizabeth? According to EW, Sweet Valley High became an instant phenomenon and publisher Bantam Books quickly came out with spin-offs (including Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley High Senior Year, and Sweet Valley University). The books even turned into  Sweet Valley High the TV series, starring former twins Brittany and Cynthia Daniel, and the show ran from 1994 to 1997.



9. Care Bears

These multi-colored bear characters filled our hearts with joy! The website describes these characters as "a roly-poly collection of lovable little Bears with a very special mission: each of the Care Bears® captures and expresses a human emotion. In the complex world of human communication and emotional expression, the Care Bears help people share their feelings with other people." So nostalgic!

10. Lisa Frank 

Lisa Frank was one of the coolest and most colorful brands of this decade. Most items were school supplies and there were tons of animals and neon colors used in the designs. What started off as funky stickers later evolved to pencils, stationery, folders, lunch boxes, backpacks, Trapper Keepers, and more. The art continues to remain iconic, don't you think?


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