Woman Believes She's Pregnant With Twins Despite Negative Tests, Thinks Husband Will Abandon Them

Woman Believes She's Pregnant With Twins Despite Negative Tests, Thinks Husband Will Abandon Them

Her husband believes she may be experiencing a "phantom pregnancy," a common symptom of schizophrenia.

In a desperate search for advice, a husband took to the Reddit forum Relationship Advice. There, he posted about his wife, who is convinced that she is pregnant despite taking numerous tests, both medical and store-bought, that have all come up negative. Even after visiting the doctor, she is unmoved in her belief. The husband explained that she claimed to be having twins and was experiencing fear and anxiety about how he might abandon her. Therefore, at a complete loss for words and with nowhere else to go, the concerned husband asked Reddit about how to handle the situation. Many suggested that he divorce her, while others were more empathetic in their suggestions.


The husband, simply known as user Itsathroawai on the website, wrote in his original post: My wife and I have been married for two years, [but we've been] together for 15. All this time we had either not decided to have kids or had problems getting pregnant. After some medical testing, we found out that it was near impossible to get pregnant due to some medical issues with her. We were thinking of adopting when one day she came home and told me she was expecting. Of course, I was super happy. A week later we had an appointment at the gyno and she had some blood drawn. The test came back negative and of course, I was devastated but she wasn't. She claimed that she was pregnant and that the doctor was wrong. We took some more store-bought [tests] and they all came back negative. My wife is in complete denial. Now she claims we are having twins. She is buying them clothes and decorations and is pressuring me to start with the nursery. I am at a loss and don't know what to do. My inaction is making her believe that I want to leave them and that I am going to doom my wife into the life of a single mom. What the f is even happening? I love her but I don't know what to do.


A week later, in a separate post, he provided an update: I called up our primary doctor and told him about the problem. He seemed very concerned and wanted us to come see him the next morning. He said it was important to be gentle but not feed into her delusions. I sat her down and we talked. All she wanted to talk about is when I would get the nursery started and that we were on a time crunch, and how she has found a perfect color for the room, how she wants me to be more involved in her pregnancy. I tried to be very calm but I was very perturbed by seeing her that way. I asked her to go to the doctor with me tommorow. She said yes, that she wanted to check on the babies either way. Now I took some advice and words you gave me about being calm and asking a bit [about] why she thinks she is pregnant without calling her delusional. So I did. She kept changing subjects or saying that "a mother just feels it, you wouldn't know how it is." Then I said that I loved her really much, that I would never think of leaving her but we needed to go to the doctor to confirm her "gut feeling." She got very agitated and was crying, telling me that if I wanted to leave her I should simply leave but I shouldn't call her a liar.


Following this conversation, the husband did some snooping on her computer and discovered that she was part of two mommy groups on Facebook, one normal one and one "about women that believed they were pregnant." He explained: In the "normal" group, she would post updates about her symptoms and pictures of her "belly" and her story about how she was almost not able to have children but [thanks] to the "grace of God that kissed her tummy," the "gift of life was given to her" and how she was compensated for all [those] years of suffering, with twins. In the other group, the women were quite literally, and excuse me here, f*cking insane. They were feeding each other's delusions. A woman said that she was almost two years pregnant and how sometimes it just takes longer. My wife would post there complaining about doctors that do not take her seriously and about me. So many women were making her fear that I would leave, saying things like men cannot stick to a woman. Many recounted their stories about how their marriages broke down because their spouses could not "handle the pregnancy."


Then, the doctor's appointment rolled around. Itsathroawai shared: Things got really bad when we began talking to the doctor. He was really tactful when talking to my wife. He tried to explain to her that it was medically impossible that she was pregnant. We tried to show her tests, the ultrasound we did the day before, but nothing. She got more agitated and began to cry and the scream at me for making her look like a crazy person. She began bouncing back and forth and holding her head with both hands. We could not calm her, she went on [to have] a full-on panic attack. She could not breathe. The doctor laid her down and tried giving her some medicine for her to relax but it did not help as he didn't have the necessary tools to treat a panic attack that was that bad. She had to go to the hospital where they took care of her. Did an EKG to exclude that she was suffering a heart attack.


After some research, he concluded that the "phantom pregnancy" she was experiencing may be a symptom of schizophrenia. With that knowledge, he is now attempting to involuntarily commit her to a psychiatric ward. The husband stated: I needed my doctor's statement that she was a danger to herself and others and he had to initiate the process of an involuntary examination of 72 hours. After that, we will have to submit a written statement to the court to determine whether on not she can stay there "against her will." So far I have submitted all her posts in both Facebook groups as well as the test we did with timestamps when possible. My wife is two days in of the three-day examination and I have [had] no contact [with] her. When I last [saw] her, she was furious with me. She said I was taking away her freedom, which I am. I feel horrible, dirty, and useless. She is so mad at me. I feel like I am abandoning her and don't know how she will ever forgive me [for] this. I love her with all my heart. I am afraid of what will happen if the courts decide that I can't commit her, how our life will be affected. I feel like I failed to protect her. He has resolved to not seek a divorce as, as he explains, he loves her dearly. At present, Reddit users are waiting for another update to see how the husband is coping.


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