Family Of Bears Splash Around In Water Tub And Do The 'Dirty Dancing' Lift

Family Of Bears Splash Around In Water Tub And Do The 'Dirty Dancing' Lift

The water tubs that are installed for wildlife was thoroughly appreciated by the bears who took a dip and had a fun day in the water

We have a lot more in common with wild animals than we think. And when the HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Area released pictures of what animals are up to, this became even more evident. When there is no supervision and they think no one is watching, animals behave just like we humans do. 

Taking to Facebook, the HRCA shared pictures of a bear family enjoying a fun day out in one of their water tanks. Centennial Water owns wells in the Backcountry that is now providing groundwater to the community as a supplement to Highlands Ranch's surface water rights, especially with water scarcity. The post read: Habitat = space/shelter + food + water. Water is the limiting factor in the Backcountry as there are no natural water sources. There are some ponds created in the previous 100 years by the previous ranchers, but those are typically dry by July in a normal year.



These water bodies are providing water to not just the bears but also the birds, squirrels, raccoons, porcupines, hawks, falcons, eagles, even mice as well as the deer, elk, bobcats, and mountain lions. All creatures great and small are benefitting from the additional water resources and it has made the Backcountry an even more valuable wildlife conservation area, read the post. They also shared about 50 pictures taken on September 19, of three bears taking a dip in their water tank.

1. A wonderful day to make a splash


2. "Do I jump in? Is it too cold?" 


3. The family of three have acquired a water tub all for themselves this fine afternoon


4. Mama Bear spotting the camera that has been keeping an eye on them


5. Mama Bear instructing her cubs to behave because the humans are watching


6. "Oh there they go again. They never listen to me when I need them to be on their best behavior"


7. Water Bear Wrestling Splash-off


8. "Children, please stop. I am intervening"


9. Mama Bear viciously attacked by baby cubs with cuddles 


10. "I can't be mad at these adorable babies"


11. This was supposed to be a relaxing experience 


12. "I will be right back both of you better behave"


13. "You want to see something cool?"


14. "Not really, I just want to chill"


15. Cue Patrick Swayze, "I've had the time of my life"


16. "Mother why hast thou forsaken me"


17. Some wet-willy revenge


18. Some friendly sibling rivalry 


19. "Okay, that's enough. Do you want to become memes on the internet?"


20. "What did you say? You want to be internet famous?! That's it, no honey for a week young man."


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