Woman Finds Her Fiancé Cheating With His Married Co-Worker On Her Wedding Day

Woman Finds Her Fiancé Cheating With His Married Co-Worker On Her Wedding Day

The woman found her husband-to-be naked with his co-worker on their wedding day.

Finding out someone is cheating on you feels like the ultimate betrayal. But finding out on your wedding day? TikTok user Kirsten Morgan shared her story in a series of three TikTok videos about how she found her fiancé cheating on her with his coworker who was married. What's more horrifying is that she walked in on her ex-fiancé naked with his co-worker on their wedding day. In the house that she had bought for them as a couple!

Just like many people who have been cheated on, Morgan felt something was off in the days leading up to the marriage and that she "wasn't feeling right." She was set to wed her fiancé who she had been with for four years in September of 2017. She had already begun suspecting the relationship her fiancé had with his coworker, a few days before the wedding. She explained, "We had been hanging out a lot with his co-workers and something just wasn't right with this one girl that he worked with, they were really close." When she questioned her partner, he of course denied it all and, in fact, told her that she was "crazy" and that "nothing was going on."


After postponing the wedding for a bit because of these issues, Morgan, who was 25 at the time, said she was "anxiety-ridden" but the pair agreed to stay together and "work on trust." On what would have been their wedding day, she explained that she found her fiancé naked when she walked into her house. Later, she saw women’s boots in the living room and quickly realized it belonged to the same coworker she had suspicions about. She called the cops on her and said there was an intruder in the house. The female co-worker, who was married, told Morgan, "We're in love, I'm leaving my husband and we're going to be together."

Morgan was confused and didn't understand if the woman knew she was about to marry the same man that day! Morgan then said, “It later came out that they had been having an affair for quite some time…she told me, several months.” Through it all, Morgan braved on. "It was a really, really dark season," Morgan explained. "I had been heavily manipulated and I was told that I was losing my mind and honestly finding him that day—as much as it hurt—it was a relief because I was like 'at least I'm not crazy.' My gut told me something was wrong and it was." As horrible as this whole situation was, Morgan said, “As much as it hurt and as angry as I was, I was relieved." Morgan has learned a lot from the experience, and despite it all she said she's been able to work through the pain and channeled it into her writing, adding, "It has made me a more empathetic person." “333 days later, I was free. And we celebrated. I went to counseling. I’ve navigated on a lot of reading and worked on a lot of healing,” she said. More power to you, Morgan.

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