Woman Gives Birth To Triplets Via IVF In One In A 200 Million Occurrence

Woman Gives Birth To Triplets Via IVF In One In A 200 Million Occurrence

"I'm speechless sometimes because I can't believe I have three babies," the stay-at-home mom said.

In a surprising incident, a woman who was menopausal became a mother of identical triplets. Hollie Gambrel was trying to conceive, but between suffering eight months of inconsistent period and doctors telling her she was premenopausal, that seemed like a near-impossible dream. Still, Hollie and her husband David wouldn't give up. Determined to become parents, the couple went the IVF way.  They were over the moon when friends and family came together to help them with the treatment by raising over $30,000. Over a year later, the duo is proud parents to identical triplets—Rory, Ryder, and Rhett—the odds of which are one in every 200 million, reports The Daily Mail.


"I'm speechless sometimes because I can't believe I have three babies," the stay-at-home mom said. She came public with the news to tell others like her struggling to conceive that they still have a chance. "I want others to know there is a way - it may not be the way you planned but it will always work out." The birth of the triplets is a bitter-sweet moment for Hollie because she was "heartbroken" about not having babies of her own but "happy that my husband was able to have his own biological baby." Though the family had a happy ending, they had to work hard to get to this point. They saved every penny earned to fund the very expensive IVF family and then friends and family pitched in with more than $15,000. Armed with new confidence and overwhelming support, Hollie selected a donor with similar characteristics to herself in May 2019.


"I felt so grateful picking a donor," she shared. "It was amazing to know there was someone who would give their eggs so I can try and have my own family. We were able to see the profiles and photos of different women who were approved by the doctor's office." Explaining the process of finding the donor, she said: "I chose a woman who looked like me with blonde hair, but she had blue eyes and I have brown. She was a similar height, athletic, and a runner - like me." She had 29 eggs available for the process but only one embryo was transferred on August 7, 2019. A little over a week later, a blood test revealed she was pregnant. "We were ecstatic as we had been waiting for this result for two years." 


When they received the results of a four-week scan, there was a humongous surprise awaiting them - they were going to have three babies. "I was in disbelief and I couldn't stop laughing. I thought it was a joke," she said recalling her reaction to the news. Her husband David was left speechless too. "Pregnancy was the best thing ever," she continued. "I had no issues apart from a huge stomach. I gained 50lbs but it was fine." Hollie managed to work till she was 33 weeks pregnant before opting for a planned C-section a week later. The procedure went well and the babies were soon put in the NICU where they were thriving. Hollie now shares her unbelievable story on her Instagram account @gambreltrrriplets and says her life with three babies is just "crazy."


Seeing a need to make changes to their life, the couple let go of their two-door jeep for a minivan just before the babies arrived. The days and months after the babies came home were as busy as they could get for the jubilant couple. "There's a lot of running up and down the stairs, bottles, nappies, kisses, and cuddles," Hollie said of her new life as a full-time mom. "Rory and Rhett play with each other the most whereas Ryder is focused on playing with a toy alone." The couple feels indebted to everyone who helped them during their topsy-turvy journey. "We are so thankful for everyone who helped us on this journey," she shared. "It's worth it. it just took three of us rather than one. I am thankful for the donor and not fazed that the babies weren't created with my eggs."


Instead, she's just happy to know that how much they love her every time she looks into their eyes. Asked if she will reveal how they arrived into this world, Hollie responds with the affirmative.  "As soon as they're old enough to understand, they will know a stranger helped get them here," she said, signing off.


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