Woman Sends Poisoned Chicken To Ex For Finding New Partner, Accidently Kills Delivery Man's Son

Woman Sends Poisoned Chicken To Ex For Finding New Partner, Accidently Kills Delivery Man's Son

The woman was jealous her ex found a partner and was happily married.

An Indonesian woman who allegedly tried to murder her ex with a poisoned takeaway has instead accidentally killed the delivery man's ten-year-old son in a horrible incident. Nani Aprilliani Nurjaman, 25, sent satay chicken laced with cyanide to her ex-partner Tomy. Using a fake name, she then approached a 47-year-old driver named Bandiman and asked him to deliver the food to Tomy's home in Bantul Yogyakarta on April 25, The Sun reports. When the driver took the parcel to the said address, the man's wife opened the door and was perplexed because she didn't recognize the order. So, she told Bandiman to take it home with him and have it as an iftar meal to break his Ramadan fast.


The driver did as told and took the dish home where his wife and ten-year-old son consumed the food, causing them to vomit uncontrollably. They were soon taken to a hospital in Yogyakarta, where Bandiman's wife managed to respond to the treatment. However, the little boy named Naba Faiz Prasetya passed away due to the poison. When police started an investigation into the matter, they managed to trace Nurjaman's involvement in the incident. They soon took her into custody and are waiting to present her in front of a local judge. Reports suggest the woman is likely to face the death penalty if she is convicted of the crime. As to the motive behind the poison attack, authorities believe she wanted to kill Tomy because she was distraught that he had moved on and married another woman.

Source: Jennifer A Smith/Getty Creative Images

In another similar incident, a Mount Vernon woman tried to convince her son to add rat poison to his father's food and drinks. According to KOMO News, Vanessa Valdiglesias-Lavalle was found guilty of solicitation to commit assault using a noxious substance. During the trial, Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney Rich Weyrich argued that Valdiglesias-Lavalle and her ex-husband were divorcing and Valdiglesias-Lavalle had lost custody of their two sons. That's why she decided to get rid of him. During a visit with the boys on June 3, 2020, the older boy recorded his mother saying he could kill his father by putting "venom" or rat poison into his food and drink.


In yet another incident of poisoning, a Queens woman was charged with assault after she tried to poison her husband of 11 years with boric acid. The incident came to light when he caught her on video slipping the insecticide into his morning coffee. Upon her arrest, Suncha Tinerva, 70, told the police: "I’ve done this two or three times.I don’t remember when — just when I’m angry," she confessed, New York Post reports. When quizzed on why she did that, she said she "wanted to teach him a lesson". After discovering the wife's evil intent, the husband, Robert Baron, 63, went into the 111th Precinct near his home to report his wife. In his complaint, he said the food tasted funny since September and there were often times when he slept for over 15 hours a day. That's when he decided to install a camera in the kitchen where the medication is kept to see what was happening, and to his shock, the man found his wife putting cockroach killer into his coffee. Per the National Pesticide Information Center, boric acid is used to kill roaches, mites, and spiders, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches, and nausea when consumed by humans.


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