You Can Now Spend A Night In A Transparent "Jungle Bubble" Surrounded By Rescue Elephants

You Can Now Spend A Night In A Transparent "Jungle Bubble" Surrounded By Rescue Elephants

The Jungle Bubble is placed in the midst of a large enclosure inhabited by three rescue elephants at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in Thailand

Getting to spend time in the midst of nature is a privilege we seldom get to experience. After the hustle and bustle of our concrete jungle lives, we need to make time to ensure our lungs get to experience clean and fresh air once in a while. While in nature we get to see how life could be simple and takes us back to our roots when our ancestors had to fend for themselves in the wild. It really helps put things in perspective and gives us a respite from our busy lives. We might take a weekend trip close to home or fly across continents to experience nature in the most real form.



For one such authentic experience, you will have to head to Thailand. The country is best known for its elephants and you will get to hang out with them in close quarters thanks to the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. They have a novel way for you to get to know the elephants better, with the fabulous new "Jungle Bubbles" in Thailand's Chiang Rai. As the name suggests, it is a bubble that is placed in the midst of a large enclosure inhabited by three rescued elephants, reports CNN. Your default roommates are these elephants who are cared for by the resort's Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.



The Jungle Bubbles are hands down a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The bubbles are an additional feature to the room you book at the luxurious resort. For 17,700 Baht ($563) per night per couple, you get to enjoy an entire evening with the elephants. You will only be carrying an overnight bag with your essentials, leaving the rest of your belongings back in your room. After a short jeep ride through a rice paddy field, you will enter the bubble which is fully furnished with a king-sized bed, a small washroom with a toilet and shower, a couple of chairs, and a small table as well. Of course, there are no TVs since the stars of the bubble are the elephants.



"Guests can observe the elephants' social interaction in their native habitat," Etienne De Villiers, Anantara's cluster director of public relations stated. The fun of either a river bath or mud playtime demonstrates just how cheeky these graceful animals can be." You can watch the animals playing, eating, and just doing their thing in nature from the comfort of your bubble. The resort staff will bring you an evening picnic basket, filled with pre-selected sandwiches and other cold dishes. You can join the elephants for dinner as they munch on sugarcane as you eat your food. You will not be allowed to feed or touch the elephants though.



The room is located on a raised platform and is in close proximity to the elephant's whereabouts. If you are afraid they might charge at your room, the resort's General Manager Gaudéric Harang assures that the bubbles are elephant proof and added, "As a top-notch resort, we had to ensure the experience would be very luxurious and to the level of what is expected by our guests." The bubbles are his brainchild and when they were finally erected he said, "When I finally saw the bubbles in place I was so happy it all worked out, but I think I was only really impressed when I slept in it the second time [after the climate issues were sorted]," he recalled the "wow" moment. "When you finally live it, you see it's really a fantastic experience. We couldn't have planned it better."



In addition to the three elephants in the bubble area, the Elephant Foundation has rescued around 60 elephants off the streets of Thailand. They are now living on the grounds and are placed in the camp to live a more comfortable life. Additionally, it also provides a controllable and safe environment for publishing research scientists and veterinarians to perform ethical and non-invasive research into Asian elephants, the website stated. Their behavior and intelligence can be studied with the goal of learning how to better look after them in captivity and protect them in the wild.




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